28 July 2012

Ramadhan Kareem

It has been a long while since I last wrote. Writing could be painful if you don't know what exactly you want to talk about. Especially when there are so many issues that you can write but in the end don't quite get to write the best issue you could rant.

So today I decided to write what my mind thinking at the moment. I'm going off to Madrasah Al Ihklas, Kampung Ogos Suai for Buka Puasa today with some friends from Yayasan Amal. It's about 2 hours driving from Miri city, along the old road towards Bintulu.

This Madrasah is school for young adults (13yrs and above) to memorize the Al Quran. It is was founded by Ustaz Azman who is a huffaz (a person who memorized the Quran) himself. Built in the compound of his land which was given as waqaf for the madrasah.

Yayasan Amal has visited them a few times and this time around we are going in 3 cars. We are going to do Iftar and Taraweh there with the students and their Mudaaris. Yayasan Amal will give some sadaqah and money to the madrasah for the students and maintenance of the school.

We hope the journey will be meaningful to all our Yayasan Amal volunteers and to the school as well.


Sheikh Sambal
8th Ramadhan 1433

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